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Have any of you noticed that the initial concept of peer-to-peer home-rentals service is becoming increasingly commercialized? It is no longer a pure sharing economy, where the hosts rent out their own apartment or extra bedrooms. It is now shifted more towards a standardized service with hosts operating multiple locations. Due to this shift, the apartment listing is furnished in a more economical manner, and therefore the quality is being compromised. So, which one will you prefer? Choosing to stay in a hotel for convenience and comfort or to stay at a home rental apartment for cost-savings but compromising on the comfort level?  Below are 3 key points for your considerations if you can’t decide whether you should choose home rentals or hotel stays.

1. Quality Assurance

Home Rentals: As there is no reception, room service or housekeeping, home rental apartment doesn’t provide you with the convenience you may need. You may also face the risk of getting a room quality and condition that is under your expectation due to unreliable or misleading and mismatch information from the hosts. Furthermore, you may also need to deal with some unaccounted-for issues independently, as the hosts may not provide you with the assistance you need. Another inconvenience is that there’s no place to store your luggage once you checked out.

Hotel Stays:
In contrast, hotel provides you with a consistent quality and professional service. Additionally, you are equipped with amenities that you can enjoy. Assistance is just one call away if you encounter with any issues, since the reception is operating 24 hours daily and hotel staffs will be at your service. If you are hungry and too occupied with your work that you cannot afford the time to eat out, you can always order room service. You may be free of uncertainties and ensured with better night’s sleep because the quality and condition of hotel rooms will not be compromised. You may also leave your luggage at the counter after you’ve checked out to save you from any inconvenience.

2. Sense of Security

Home Rentals: Ever have the fear of not knowing what will happen if you got stranded in a foreign country especially in the middle of the night? Yes, this fear is amplified when you choose to stay in a home rental apartment, as there is history of guests being left stranded with no alternative solution provided to them. You’re completely at the mercy of your host, where he/she has the control to cancel your booking anytime. In addition, the apartment or room you rented may be lack of the safety and security regulations, and you may have to deal with the anxiety of having your privacy invaded.

Hotel Stays:
As compared to staying in a hotel, where there is a reliable reservation process, you can have a peace of mind that your room reservation is guaranteed and binding. You don’t have to worry about being left stranded because hotels will never cancel on you, and even if it really happened, rest assured that the hotel will provide you with an alternative place to stay. Similarly, if there’s any issues with your room, you can request for a room changed.  Furthermore, hotels follow all the safety and security regulations strictly which will make you feel more secure.

3. Ideal Location

Home Rentals: The locations of available home rental apartments are usually in the suburb which may be too far off from the city center, and it may not be located in close proximity to the event venues as a hotel. The transportation is not as convenient compared to that of a hotel which is located at a more ideal area. The home rental online portal is lack of location accuracy, as it doesn’t show you the exact address or location until your booking is approved. Thus, the searching and booking process will be time and effort consuming for you to find an offer matching to your needs.

Hotel Stays:
In comparison, hotels are generally situated in the ideal location for business meetings, events, sightseeing, and the restaurants and bars. Besides, the event itself might be held at the hotel as well. Your searching and booking process will be much easier and more instant where the exact location is stated clearly and accurately.



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